elephantea is a groundbreaking range of tea products with deliciously big flavors.

Our secret recipe combines the use of some of the finest tea leaves in the world with a passion for doing good – a percentage of profits are donated to elephant conservation projects in Sri Lanka. To put it simply, elephantea products are exquisite for you and excellent for elephants. Every time you enjoy our premium tea products, you are not only sipping on the best, but also making a positive impact.

Nowhere else can you indulge in your favorite tea-based drinks while simultaneously helping save these wonderful animals. Grab a cup today to taste the elephantea difference!

The elephantea herd is led by entrepreneurial father-daughter duo, Ron and Shani. Born and raised in Sri Lanka and trickling down from generations of tea growers and elephant activists, Ron exposed his daughters to his love of Sri Lankan culture and his commitment to preserving its beauty for generations to come. After Shani got married, Ron was even more committed to passing along the preservation torch so that the family roots could continue. On their one-year anniversary, Ron’s gift to the newlyweds was a planned trip for Shani and her husband to travel with him to Sri Lanka.

FIRST THOUGHT: Sip Tea! While in Sri Lanka the family was immersed in the vibrant culture and exposed to delicious varieties of native Ceylon tea. Ron, an avid tea drinker, made sure to educate his family on the differences in tea and the high quality and rich tradition of Ceylon tea. After traveling through Sri Lanka’s roaring, beautiful tea hills and visiting the production facilities, Shani was transfixed by Ceylon tea.

SECOND THOUGHT: Save Elephants! Ron also planned an educational trip and adventure into the deep brush in order for the family to enjoy the rare opportunity of observing wild elephant herds roam through the verdant rain forests and jungle of Sri Lanka. It was during these breathtaking moments that Shani learned the sad reality that Asian elephants are severely endangered, with only approximately 50,000 Asian elephants remaining worldwide and only a few thousand of those left in Sri Lanka.

This is how elephantea started! Moved by her experiences and feeling the need to create awareness and proactive change, Shani approached Ron about founding a socially-responsible tea company to assist in the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants. After traveling back to the United States, Shani worked feverishly to grow what was only a dream into what is now a movement to create change: #SipTeaSaveElephants. With Shani at the helm, elephantea is dedicated to not only bringing you a groundbreaking range of handpicked tea from Ceylon, Sri Lanka, but is also committed to raising awareness for the plight and conservation of Sri Lankan elephants. elephantea is humbled and honored by the opportunity to make a real difference in helping these majestic animals thrive and roam free. It’s Ground Shakingly Good!