The world’s finest, 100% Organic Ceylon Teas

Hand-picked From the Golden Valley of Sri Lanka

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An exclusive range of premium organic artisan teas, handpicked from selected trees during specific seasons and at selected times of the day. With 12 exotic flavors to choose from, our secret recipes combine the finest organic teas and spices, handcrafted to provide the most delicious and satisfying experience of any tea in the world.

Green Teas

A wonderful rich selection of antioxidant rich green teas

Black Teas

A delicious selection of robust black tea flavors

Herbal Infused

An exotic selection of herbal infused teas

For more than 150 years the world’s finest organic Ceylon teas have been grown on the Bogawantalawa Estate in Sri Lanka’s Golden Valley. Surrounded by lush subtropical mountains, mile high elevations and ultra-fertile soil, nature has created the perfect environment for the unique flavor and aroma of Ceylon teas known throughout the world.

elephantea continues this tradition, where every cup you enjoy is a result of tender flavorful leaves, that are hand-picked and infused with natural sunlight, rain and nutrients of the earth to provide our signature taste and rich aroma.

Experience any of our twelve delicious flavors and discover for yourself the magic that is, elephantea.