Where can I buy elephantea?

elephantea is available  for purchase on Amazon  and  can  also be  found in select stores across the United States. For a list of stores, please visit our Where to Buy page.

What are you doing to ensure the quality of elephantea products?

elephantea, a groundbreaking range of handpicked tea, is committed to ensuring that the  freshest quality leaves make it from our baskets to your teacup. elephantea also prides itself on meeting rigorous certification standards such as fair trade and USDA organic for many of our products.

Is your tea certified kosher?

Yes, elephantea products are certified kosher.

Who should I contact if I want to buy wholesale?

For  information  about  purchasing  elephantea  for  your store or restaurant, call
1-877-230-4503 or email us at info@elephantea.com.  We look forward to working with you!

What makes Ceylon tea one of the best teas in the world?

Ceylon tea comes from a tea-growing region in Sri Lanka known for producing some of the finest tea in the world.  The ideal elevation, cool winds, and soft sunshine contributes to making elephantea unique and delicious. Sip and you will see!

Which organizations is elephantea currently supporting?

A percentage of the profit generated from the sales of elephantea is used to fund non-profit  organizations based in Sri  Lanka, including the Sri  Lanka  Wildlife  Conservation Society, to  help raise awareness and create proactive  change as to the plight of elephants and to  spearhead action to prevent poaching, harboring and harming of Sri Lankan wild elephants.  Your cup of tea is helping these majestic animals live free in the wild. We are always looking to expand our reach with other non-profit organizations – definitely inquire!

Is elephantea on social media?

elephantea is on both Facebook and Instagram #JoinTheHerd #SipTeaSaveElephants

For any additional questions or comments, email us at: